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At Katalyst Wellness, we believe health and beauty are two sides of the same radiant coin. It's not just about chasing fleeting trends or masking imperfections, but about unlocking the vibrant potential that lies within each of us.


Science-backed Approach: We leverage the latest advancements in medical research and technology to ensure your treatments are safe, effective, and backed by solid evidence. Compassionate Support: We understand that health and beauty are deeply personal journeys. Our team of experts is here to guide you with empathy, understanding, and unwavering support every step of the way.


At Katalyst Wellness, you're not just a patient, you're a collaborator in your own well-being.

We invite you to embark on a journey of transformation, where health and beauty blossom from within, revealing the radiant, confident version of you waiting to shine.

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Bloodwork-Driven Diagnostics

We decipher the secrets hidden in your blood, creating a roadmap for personalized rejuvenation.

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor, with over 250 hours of specialized anti-aging training, charts a course that aligns with your goals and your body's natural processes.

Body Composition Scan

Go beyond the scale and unlock the secrets of your body. This quick, non-invasive analysis uses advanced technology to reveal your muscle mass, fat percentage, water weight, and more.

Custom Treatment Plan

Utilizing cutting-edge bloodwork diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, we unlock your body's inherent processes for tangible results.

You book your consultation by clicking the button below. The consultation includes the following:


Visionaries who crave personalized health solutions, fueled by data and guided by science, not the followers chasing fleeting trends. They seek to unlock their unique potential.

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Those seeking quick fixes or one-size-fits-all answers. If you're looking for a magic bullet, Katalyst Wellness isn't your path. We're about empowering you to become the architect of your own well-being. 

Katya got her life back on track

“Katalyst helped put my life back in track. Highly recommend..."

I’ve been with Katalyst wellness for the last 2 years, and came to them to help with my hormones. I had very bad sleep and didn’t have my period for 2 years, I couldn’t focus and I had brain fog— The results have been amazing. I feel healthiest and strongest I ever been. If you are looking for help then contact them.

A surgeon recommends katalyst

“I cannot recommend Katalyst Wellness highly enough!”

If you are looking to live your healthiest, most optimized lifestyle, and do so with the guidance of amazing professionals, look no further. As a surgeon and business owner I offer a unique perspective of the operation they have and I am thoroughly impressed and excited to be under their care. Thank you Katalyst Wellness!!

Kelly has renewed energy

“Katalyst Wellness is your one stop shop for feeling your best! ”

My husband and I came here a couple years ago to do blood work and get on a better track of health. Katryn, Jason, and the entire staff are so welcoming and knowledgeable. After our first consultation and blood work, we were able to get on a plan that meets our individual specific needs. My husband has never felt better and I have so much more energy. I also get my neurotoxin and fillers at Katalyst and I am always so happy with my results! We are so thankful for Katalyst Wellness and will continue to be patients for years to come. Thank you, Katalyst!

If you're tired of regular health care, ready for change, and want to become your best self... it's time.

Your health is unique. Shouldn't your healthcare be too? Tailored healthcare plans to fit your individual needs. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.