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Take our FREE Quiz to find out if your body is working with you so you can reach your health goals. 

NEW QUIZ: Want to find out if your body is working with you?

Take our FREE Quiz to find out if your body is working with you so you can reach your health goals. 

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Stop chasing trends, start optimizing you. Discover personalized healthcare that unlocks your body's potential for lifelong well-being.


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Forget cookie-cutter solutions and fleeting fads. Our cutting-edge personalized healthcare is designed around you. We utilize advanced bloodwork diagnostics to create a treatment plan that harmonizes with your unique body chemistry. This means natural, sustainable results that work alongside your body, not against it.

Imagine feeling vibrant, energized, and ready to conquer any challenge, regardless of your age. We help you unlock your optimal self, where aging doesn't slow you down, it empowers you.

Done chasing temporary fixes?

We offer a personalized healthcare roadmap, fueled by cutting-edge science and your unique biology. It's about sustainable improvement, filling your cup of vitality one personalized step at a time. Our Doctor, with over 250 hours of specialized anti-aging training, goes beyond conventional medicine. We tailor treatments to your goals, not diagnoses, creating a seamless partnership between your body and your aspirations.

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Bloodwork-Driven Diagnostics

We decipher the secrets hidden in your blood, creating a roadmap for personalized rejuvenation.

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor, with over 250 hours of specialized anti-aging training, charts a course that aligns with your goals and your body's natural processes.

Body Composition Scan

Go beyond the scale and unlock the secrets of your body. This quick, non-invasive analysis uses advanced technology to reveal your muscle mass, fat percentage, water weight, and more.

Custom Treatment Plan

Utilizing cutting-edge bloodwork diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, we unlock your body's inherent processes for tangible results.

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Seth Camhi, MD, MBA is a Family Physician with additional training in Sports Medicine. After growing up and doing all his training in New York, he came out to San Diego, CA in the Summer of 2013 to first pursue additional training in Sports Medicine where he worked with local high school, college and professional sports teams. He then decided to pursue his passion in the private practice sector and focus on Health and Wellness. This allows him to provide individualized care to his patients and work with them to achieve their optimal health and well-being. Through his passion, he found like-minded people in Jason and Kathryn and formed Katalyst Wellness in 2020 which is located in La Jolla, CA.

What Makes Us Different

Deep dive into your biology: We begin with a comprehensive bloodwork analysis, revealing the unique blueprint of your health. This data is your key to unlocking a personalized treatment plan. Our board-certified physician with over 250 hours of specialized training in anti-aging will work with you to design a treatment plan that seamlessly integrates with your body's natural processes. No cookie-cutter solutions here!

Personalized Health, Elevated

Katalyst Wellness has changed my life! Came in to get a blood panel and wow!"

It’s the most detailed and informative panel I’ve ever done. Sitting down and chatting about how to optimize my body and hit my health goal was eye opening. Started my HRT and haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager.

- Fiona Padaon

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"I cannot recommend Katalyst Wellness highly enough!"

If you are looking to live your healthiest, most optimized lifestyle, and do so with the guidance of amazing professionals, look no further. As a surgeon and business owner I offer a unique perspective of the operation they have and I am thoroughly impressed and excited to be under their care. 

- Jonathan Shelton

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Find out if your body is working with you or against you in just 3 minutes.

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